Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Power of Prayer

A truck driver lost a malpractice suit because of his lawyer's incompetence a few years back, and now whenever he drove past the courthouse in town he would deliberately swerve to hit lawyers he saw on the corner waiting to cross the street. This continued for some time until one day he was driving through town during his rounds and he saw a priest hailing a cab. I should repent for my sins, the truck driver thought, and pulled over the side of the road: "Do you need a ride, father?"

"Oh bless you, my son, you truly are a good human being," said the priest, and stepped into the passenger side. The driver continued on his rounds and as he approached the courthouse, he saw a lawyer talking on his cell phone, waiting to cross the road. Instinctively, he swerved to hit the lawyer, only to remember at the last second that he had a priest as a passenger, and swerved back onto the road. He thought he had missed the lawyer when he heard a loud thud and bounced as he drove over the lawyer's body.

"My God!" exclaimed the driver, "Father, I'm so sorry, I thought I had missed him!"

"No worries, my son," replied the priest, "I got him with the door."


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